Poster for the lecture of Anette Lenz, a Paris-based designer who had worked in Grapus and was a co-founder of the Nous Travaillons Ensembles design studio. Inspired by her play with dimension, this poster references some of the forms and colors in her work, which are combined to create a spatial playground for typography. Collaboration with Henrique Eira and Kang Hong.

Visiting lecture poster for Ruby Neri, an artist, sculptor, and former street artist. The design draws inspiration from her sense of color, form, and her history as a graffiti artist. Collaboration with Jae Ee.

Visiting lecture poster for Tyler Matthew Oyer, an interdisciplinary artist whose work often brings underrepresented voices to light. Inspired by the artist's lettering style and use of colors, this poster aims to use the contrast of forms to reflect on the issues and ideas often raised in his work.

Poster for the Sonido #13, concert of Mexican ensemble Liminar. Sonido #13 is a music theory developed by modernist composer Julian Carrillo that introduces the "13th note," namely the pitch that falls between the traditional 12 of our major and minor scales. The forms in this poster reflect the inspiration drew from microtonality and notes found in-between. Collaboration with Jessica Lee.

A Moving Sound is a Taiwanese music act that fuses traditional Taiwanese, Chinese and neighboring Asian music to form new original song compositions. Collaboration with Tina Hung and Sijia Li.

A experimental typographic exploration of the relationship between the works of impressionist composer Claude Debussy, and punk fashion designer Vivenne Westwood. I wanted to portray the quality of a strange beauty shared amongst their works, while still retaining aspects of their individual qualities in the type treatment.

The CalArts Print Fair is a student-organized event that features the print work and crafts of CalArts students, alumni, faculty, and friends. The poster team created a set of 3 posters to advertise the event, and I designed one of the posters. The idea was to show process, craft work, and form-making in this design. This was a two-color silk screen print, collaboration with Nicolas Escobar.

A 3-color silk screen printing poster for the artist Wendy Red Star. Coming from a multi-cultural background, Wendy Red Star's work has a very unique point of view that explores various contemporary identity issues in a colorful way. I thought of using a kaleidoscope as a metaphor for her work, so we built brightly colored patterns, and then built decorative type out of those elements. Collaboration with Jimin Kim.